Saturday, January 02, 2016

Apologies about the housekeeping

No, Dave, don't get excited, I'm not talking about that kind of housekeeping, I'm talking about the blog.

If you're as pernickety as me, dear readers, you'll have noticed the formatting of my blog as been rather awry the last few weeks. This isn't to do with a surfeit of champagne (sadly.) It's due to a new incompatibility that has arisen between my blog-writing package and my operating system. All very boring. I have spent so much more time on the blog than usual, trying to make the format come out as I want it to, and failing. The look of my blog really matters to me, so I will probably have to do something drastic this month. If, therefore, the blog disappears for a while, you'll know why. I will be back. This is my tenth year of blogging, and I don't want to give up before that's completed.

In the meantime, here are two photos of my beautiful granddaughters for the new year - no formatting necessary. I make no apologies for including them here: I'm a grandmother, before I'm a writer.

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