Sunday, September 18, 2016

Picture postcards and picture books

Photographs of Cece and Lux, taken by Isaac ( their dad, my son.)

It's hectic here, but not so hectic that I didn't have time to read THE GREAT PAPER CAPER by Oliver Jeffers five times on Friday. This is the fifth time below. Look at the level of interest! (Pic by Wendy.)

I always bring the girls three or four books when I visit. Recently there have been a lot of Julia Donaldson books. Before that it was Shirley Hughes. This time a friend who also loves choosing picture books for her grandkids suggested Oliver Jeffers' books. I pondered them for ages. I wasn't sure I liked them - the text or the artwork. But in the end I did bring two, and they have been a huge hit. Every time we sit down to read, it's been "Read The Great Paper Caper!" And from me: " Again?"

It's the story of a bear who secretly chops down branches and trees and feeds them into his paper making machine. He needs sheets and sheets of paper to make paper aeroplanes for the upcoming paper plane race. The other animals in the forest launch an investigation to find the culprit. A court case ensues. 

We've had endless questions about police work and what happens in court. I've warned Isaac and Wendy about this so they know where it's come from. It will run and run.

Oh yes, and the book is funny too.


Anonymous said...

Who could resist those Boulder beauties!

How Cece has sprung up - those eyes would be hard to disappoint (or hide from!)
And Lux - surely knows how to prevail.

All praise to your son and daughter in law - the girls are a joy.
Thank you for sharing with us, Sue - enjoy every moment of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Heart warming pictures - thank you for sharing - there is nothing quite like cuddling up and getting lost in a book. Making wonderful memories.