Tuesday, June 06, 2023


The dust has settled but the paintings are still up - all but two which have gone to their new homes. They look so good displayed like that, it’s a shame to take them down, though that will happen soon. I sold seven in all, plus one print.

And I have had two lovely long nights sleep, badly needed, not because of tiredness but over excitement and inability to stop my mind from counting...how many people came on each day, who they were, which paintings had sold, how many cards, how much money I had made and how much I could send to the refugee charity I was supporting. Dave and I agreed yesterday that with this disgusting government it could soon be illegal to support refugees in ANY way. 

Anyway…it was fun and rewarding having friends and family come to see all my paintings displayed at one time. Both days were sunny and hot so visitors could spill out into the garden with their tea and cake, once they’d seen the paintings. I made a coffee and walnut cake and a chocolate cake and some flapjack and scones, and I had to make another coffee cake for the second day too. (Btw, for American readers, a coffee cake in the UK is a coffee flavoured sandwich cake with buttercream icing in between and on top of the two layers, and often decorated with walnuts.)

Dave’s job was to make tea and coffee for everyone, and, being an introvert who hates parties, he said he was going to barricade himself in the kitchen so he didn’t have to talk to anyone. But of course THEY wanted to talk to him, to admire his stained glass and wood carvings and enquire about his clocks.  

“Of course they did,” said my brother later. “He’s a very interesting person.”

If you’d been there, dear reader, you’d have had no idea that Dave was feeling stressed. He comes across as Mr Charm & Conviviality. 

When it was all over he said “They were too close for comfort. I like to keep people at sniping distance.” 

There are a couple of people visiting today who couldn’t come at the weekend and then I can put down my piece of paint spattered carpet in front of my painting table and get painting again. It’s been too long.

This was the most popular painting: 

It’s probably my favourite too. 😊

And this was the most popular of the three cards on sale:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, your exhibition sounds like a huge success! So sorry I missed it. I'm in beautiful sunny Scotland - yes sunny! 😁 Sally

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Sally.
Im glad you have sunshine: we do not and it's chilly today.

marmee said...

Sounds like a rousing success! And I am going to remember and use that Dave ism: sniping distance...

Anita said...

So pleased to hear that your exhibition was a great success. I only read about it a couple of days ago after having a break from media for a while and would have loved to have attended had I know - my fault!! Well done to you both x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Marmee and Anita.
What a shame you didn’t come Anita. The only thing lacking from the exhibition was meeting blog readers. You’ll have to come to the next one in three years time. 😊

Anonymous said...

How could it not be a success! The elements all there The paintings, the cards, the refreshments, Dave’s creations and so much more. Nevertheless I couldn’t be happier for you, Sue. You took a risk and made amazing preparations and the results speak for themselves This has been such a delightful,post to read , among very many other contenders.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Ana, for always being so supportive.