Tuesday, July 02, 2024

The truth about the art trail

I know that at least one member of my family would say I shouldn’t admit to this, but the highlight of the Art Trail for me was MsX coming to visit on the Sunday afternoon.

This is MsX:

I hadn’t seen her for three weeks and I shan’t see her for another three weeks, and that’s too long a gap for me.

It reminded me of when I was publishing BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED  YOU, and Isaac was producing the cover. He lived in San Francisco then. The cover proofs arrived in the post via FEDEX and in the same parcel were some unexpected photos of Lux, my eldest granddaughter, who was 9 months old.

I was so excited to be getting the cover for my book, and I ripped open the envelope, but then I spotted the photos of Lux and was even more excited, and I drooled over those first.

I wrote a blog post about this and how it made me realise that I was a grandmother before a writer. I think it’s the same now but with painting. And it still amazes me, because I was never one of those women who desperately wanted grandchildren. But now they are here I am besotted (as you’ve probably gathered.)

The other highlights of the trail were

1/ Chrissie buying a painting on the eve of it so I could add a red dot 🔴 to one of my paintings. This was a huge encouragement. This is the painting…

Our blue shed

2/ three good friends coming to visit for extended conversations - one of whom I hadn’t seen since before Covid.

3/ the positive feedback and interesting conversations I had with some of the visitors.

I sold plenty of cards, and none of my paintings. But the prices mean they are not an impulse buy.

So would I do it again?

I’m not sure. It was well organised and well attended and successful. I’m sure the punters enjoyed it. But I’m not sure if it was worth it for me. It’s not free.

I enjoyed last year’s exhibition at home for friends and family so much more, so I think I’m going to do that again in August. We had tea and cake and people sat in the garden talking to people they didn’t know and it felt like a party.

If you’re a regular blog reader you’d be welcome to come.

The profits from my cards will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians. 

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