Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who are you? (revised)

Zoë and I went to see It’s a Wonderful Life at the weekend, a film I have seen once a year for the last OMG I don’t know how many, and a poster for which I have on my study wall.

its a wonderful life

The first time I saw it was with my father, who cried all the way through, which is exactly what Zoë and I did on Saturday. The person we were with had a different reaction. It surprised me, and it’s prompted me (as a former psychologist) to devise a new personality questionnaire  - the SHCPS (the Sue Hepworth Christmas Personality Schedule.)

1. When It’s a Wonderful Life is on the TV, do you…

a/  watch it and cry at the end?

b/  watch it and cry liberally throughout?

c/   enjoy the film but feel there are loose ends, e.g. why is Mr Potter not indicted for stealing the £8000?

d/  rush out of the room as soon as the opening titles come on?

e/  wonder why they are still showing a black and white film from almost 70 years ago, especially when it’s post-war American propagandist hogwash?

2.  Christmas trees: do you…

a/  buy a real one, because amongst other things, you adore the smell of fresh pine?

b/  buy a real one only if it has a root, because you worry about the environment?

c/  buy an artificial one, because you worry about the environment?

d/  buy an artificial one, because you loathe and detest dropped needles on the carpet?

e/  buy an artificial one, because they’re cleaner, cheaper and altogether more practical?

3. Mince pies.

a/  do you use home made pastry and home made mincemeat?

b/  do you use home made pastry and bought mincemeat?

c/  you don’t see the point of making them: what’s wrong with ones from the shop?

d/  you think mince pies are old hat and bring the cool quotient down on your Christmas comestibles

if you ticked c/ skip the next question.

4. What others say about your mince pies..

a/  they’re a perfect balance – in terms of the amount of mincemeat and of pastry?

b/  they’re mostly pastry, and mean on the mincemeat?

c/  they’re very pretty?

mince pies


5. Christmas tree decorations. Are yours..

a/  all old ones that you keep and use year after year for sentimental reasons, no matter how tatty?

b/  a mixture of old and new?

c/  only the latest, most trendy ones?

d/  you don’t have a Christmas tree?

That’s it. If I carry on, you’ll be getting the same old questions that all these Christmas quizzes have – I mean, I’ve come across that last one before.

And I’ve realised that if I devised a scoring system it would be impossibly skewed by my own sentimental, one-sided view of Christmas and all that pertains to it. But I do still think that the first question has real potential for an item in a serious personality questionnaire.

Today I’m going to make the nut roast for the veggies’ Christmas dinner; go for a walk; hope the wind that has been blowing for four days finally stops so that my bike ride will be more enjoyable; and clean the bathroom.

I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas season wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re with. And if there’s sadness in your house, I hope that Christmas doesn’t make it worse.

Happy Christmas, dear readers!


lyn said...

Merry Christmas Sue & all best wishes for the New Year. In answer to your quiz, I've seen IAWL & I cried but it's not one of my favourite Christmas movies. For the last few years I've had a live Christmas tree in a pot but it died in the heatwave last summer & I didn't get around to replacing it so this year, the plastic tree came out from the cupboard. The decorations are old ones collected over the years. I don't make mince pies but I do make Christmas cake & pudding every year to Delia Smith's recipes & there's never very much left by Boxing Day.

Sue Hepworth said...

Merry Christmas, Lyn, and Happy New Year, and thanks for your good wishes and your answers.
Now I want to know what your favourite Christmas movie is....

Sue Hepworth said...

I'm thinking now that i should have had a question about cake and pudding...

marmee said...

Oh dear...left to my own devices would probably come down on the Grinch side! BUT if I hear : Have yourself a merry little christmas....I well up!

And re the bad words...big struggle of mine to bite them back...
Merry christmas to you and yours

lyn said...

My favourite Christmas movies are various versions of A Christmas Carol, mainly the Alistair Sim, Muppets & Patrick Stewart versions, The Bishop's Wife, Miracle on 34th Street & The Holly & the Ivy. Happy New Year Sue!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Lyn. I don't know those. I'll look out for them.
I adore the Muppets, though. Especially Miss Piggy.
Happy New Year to you, too. X