Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bad language

I’ve just had my usual lovely lengthy Sunday morning phone chat with my big brother, and he upbraided me for swearing on the blog. He said he was shocked. He said he didn’t think I used language like that (a four letter word beginning with f) and he was especially shocked that I should use it in public.

I said I hadn’t used it in public: I had sworn at a bauble.

And it was the first time I had ever used the word on the blog, but the fact that I had done so showed a/how desperate I was feeling, and b/ that I realised it was funny to tell a bauble to f off.

Also, I’d just read something that said it was ridiculous to use swear words in print and to substitute asterisks for the middle letters of the word. When everyone can work out what the word is by the end letters and the number of asterisks, you may as well use the word. I found that a compelling argument.

We then had an interesting chat about swearing and when we do it and what words we use and how it is perfectly possible to swear freely and yet manage easily to refrain from cursing in front of the grandchildren. I also said that I like words beginning with f. I like the sound of them – fitful, fretful, feckless, frock.

I hope you weren’t offended, dear readers.  I shan’t be making a habit of it.

Here is this years’ ON Christmas tree – all done. It’s small because it was grown in a pot and will be planted out after Christmas. I’ve forgotten which was the offending bauble.

my tree


Anonymous said...

I liked seeing the offending word in your blog - a small shock - for which, all the more amusing!

Neither my husband nor I seem to 'swear 'very often. Yet the cussedness of inanimate objects can unexpectedly change all that.

Or the flash of a speed camera when you're late to the airport...forgetting the relatives in the back of the car. Quite deafening silence after that one.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you for the approval.
Happy Christmas!