Friday, November 20, 2015

a plain Jane post

I owe you a post. I know I owe you a post. I wrote one on Wednesday and then deleted it because I decided it was too political for a politics-free blog. I have had nothing to say this week that was not either a howl, or political, or a political howl, so I stayed schtum.

I am going to sit in bed and tweak episode two of the screenplay. Remember my sunset patchwork quilt? You can see it here.


Dave is in the kitchen ironing, and listening to David Gilmour’s new album. I’ve had to shut the bedroom door because he has it on so loud.

The sky outside is glum. I don’t feel as glum today as I have done, but after the leaves disappeared, November has got me down with its fog and rain and overcast skies and its long dark nights. It’s joining February as a month that should be struck off my calendar.

Having said that… we did have a bright blue day on Monday when my big sister came to visit. That was lovely. And it was so nice to see her. Comforting. Reassuring. Like the week our mother died and she came in the sitting room and said “I think we all need some strengthening medicine.”

And no. There is still no sign of medical test results.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful room - and what a weight you have been carrying

I know you say in your next post - but glad it was such good news

I agree about the month


Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Jen, it was a weight, even though I tried to persuade myself to ignore it. They said at the start they thought it was benign, but there is a huge gulf between thinking and knowing. And it was such a long wait to hear.