Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life imitates Art

Occasionally I find myself living in Sally's world - i.e. the world of Plotting for Beginners.

This happened yesterday, when I got a phone call at 10 a.m. from BBC Radio Sheffield, asking me if I would go on a phone-in at noon, and the thought that zipped through my head was 'Sally would have been so thrilled!' Then I remembered that she'd already been on a phone-in - and not just as a five minute guest like me, but as the host in the studio. Her phone-in was about creative writing. Mine was about the menopause: Rony Robinson was the host. He is Mr Relaxed, and Mr Nice and when he asks you questions, you feel you're chatting with a friend.

Sally has been ill recently. She's getting better, but is still taking things gently. But you know what's she's like - indomitable - being ill doesn't stop her blogging. Check out her blog on