Sunday, January 17, 2010


Should I tell you that I'm missing my mother?

Or should I not post anything at all?


Anonymous said...

Has something happened today that has made you miss her...or miss her more than you normally do? ruth

Sue Hepworth said...

No, it was one of those times when the feeling swept in from nowhere unannounced.

Sue Hepworth said...

Actually, I've realised why. The children at Quaker Meeting made choclate flapjack and brownies for shared lunch, and between Meeting and lunch they were blindfolding the adults and getting them to distinguish between different kinds of chocolate. The children were very sweet and funny and it is just the kind of thing my mother would have enjoyed hearing about.

Samc said...

Yes you should say you are missing her. How else is she to know?

I find missing my someone who died very bittersweet. It's bitter cos' I am angry that I can't share trivial rubbish with them. It hurts. It's sweet cos' thinking of them makes me feel warm inside and sometimes just for a fleeting moment I forget they haven't gone.

Not making sense but I know what I mean.