Sunday, December 05, 2010

2010 Christmas Competition

Every year I have a Christmas competition, and this one is being posted early – to cheer me up.
Here are my two favourite cards from my birthday this year-
I think I understand what my friend Mary was telling me with card number 1.
I don’t understand the second card*, that Ruth sent. What does it mean?
In order to win the competition you have to give me the best interpretation of the picture – either the most entertaining, or the most psychologically plausible. Closing date Friday December 17th. Please write your entry in the comments section below. Your entry won’t appear immediately, as I check all comments before they are posted.
The prize is a signed copy of either of my novels – Plotting for Beginners – or Zuzu’s Petals. If you have them already, I could send you my new book– But I told you last year that I loved you – when it is published next year.
Update – aarrghh. There are gremlins in Blogger, getting in the way of people posting entries in my Christmas Competition. Another friend rang today to say they have left a comment and it has not appeared. If this has happened to you – please email me your entry and I will post it for you.
*The  card is called “Off you go” and was designed by Anna Pugh.


Jean said...

First thought.......

"The answer , my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind"

Ok, this needs thought, I will return!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks for starting us off, Jean.

Isaac said...

It means "you're wonderful. the leaves you sweep from the carpet are to me autumn treasures".

Anonymous said...

She is struggling to park with VERY primitive steering and he is yelling useless instructions which she cannot hear because of the wind......

Anonymous said...

He is shouting "Look, OK, I know you like things to be clean, but just sit down and enjoy the ride for once."

Anonymous said...

Whoa ! You really must remember to wear stuff underneath your nightie.....

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks for your entries, Mr/Ms Anonymous, but I need some kind of identifier in case you win the competition. Please can competitors include an identifier of some kind under their entry (inside the text box) if they want to poast an "Anonymnous" entry. Keep trying!

Jean said...

Wish I had a Dyson........

Christine said...

Make up your mind woman - Are you auditioning for Aladdin or Mother Goose?

Anonymous said...

This is simple. You know how babies are delivered by the stalk? Well good friends get delivered by magic rugs, guarded and guided by the autumn leaves. Your friend is clapping with great delight on seeing you arrive!


Diane said...

The woman is you, sweeping clean the detritus of the past year so you can soar. The man is Dave, cheering you on. That or Ruth thinks you should get your head out of the clouds and do some housework... ;)

Chrissie said...

He's saying, 'Damn! Missed it again. Wonder what time the next carpet leaves.'

Anonymous said...

I think the lady on the carpet is trying to escape her husband and travel around England admiring the Autumn colours. He is ' too busy' so she has to take off on her own. Love Kath

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Hepworth,

I attempted to write a poem with the image ("Off you go") and the occasion (your birthday) both in mind. It is a very rough first draft, so please be kind in judgment. :) Thanks!

The idea is that the poetic voice is missing his/her loved one, again, as he/she has in the past... and is expressing that (in this case, on the loved one's birthday).

Come and Go

I missed you
Laughter still ringing my ears
When you hung from the heavy
Snowflakes sinking away

I missed you
Whiffing the lilacs as
You plodded through the valley?s
Warm, bright mud and muck

I missed you
Baking brown face
Smiling sunlit into the breeze
Water wake lapping my dock

I miss you
Handprints still in mine
Leaves gusting blustery
On your carpet, off you go

Jacob Naylor

Sue Hepworth said...

I am copying an entry that Thea put on today's post (Last Chance)so that all entries are listed together

Thea said...

It's a flight of imagination, for a girl who can handle the heights.

What more could a slack-lining writer wish for on her birthday?
3:58 PM