Saturday, December 18, 2010

The winner

Thank you everyone who cheered me up by having a go at my Christmas Competition. The interpretation of the card that I liked the best – and therefore THE WINNER - was the first of the two that Diane suggested -
The woman is you, sweeping clean the detritus of the past year so you can soar. The man is Dave, cheering you on.
I liked it because it “spoke to my condition.” It’s very plausible, too, because Ruth is such an encouraging person – especially with my writing.
The one that made me laugh was this one – even though it could not be a message from Ruth -
Anonymous said...
She is struggling to park with VERY primitive steering and he is yelling useless instructions which she cannot hear because of the wind......
And lastly, a very late entry from Thea would fall into the highly commended category if I had one:
It's a flight of imagination, for a girl who can handle the heights.
What more could a slack-lining writer wish for on her birthday?
So Diane – step up and collect your prize. Please can you email me and tell me which of my three books you would like.
ENVOI - I saw Ruth on Wednesday and showed her the card to remind her and asked her what she had been telling me in the card. “Nothing,” she said. “I just loved the card – the colours, the design, and the fantasy.”

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