Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Authors for Japan

I feel awkward about carrying on with my blog as if nothing had happened. It doesn’t seem appropriate, in view of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear situation, especially when an already dire situation is becoming worse by the minute.

If things were normal, I’d be moaning on about how this is the second time I have had a 7 day flu-like bug this winter – and I’d be regaling you in purple prose about my symptoms. But when a mammoth disaster happens, it doesn’t seem right to complain about anything at all. That’s not altogether rational: there will always be someone somewhere in the world who is having an awful awful time, full scale disaster or no. Think of poor Bradley Manning, for example.

Today I want to tell you about:

1/ Save the Children, who need support to help the traumatised children of Japan.

2/ Authors for Japan, an appeal set up by writer Keris Stainton. On this site you can bid for signed copies of novels, to be a named character in someone’s next novel, to have a book dedicated to you, to have your pet mentioned in a novel, to have your writing – both fiction and non-fiction - critiqued, to have a book cover designed, a website designed and constructed, and many, many more things.

I am donating signed copies of my first two novels, and a signed PRE-RELEASE copy of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU. So if you can’t wait until June to read it, get yourself over to Authors for Japan, and bid for it. It may be a couple of days before you see it on the site. I don’t know how fast Keris can deal with the offers she’s had.



Frenchie_in_London said...

Will bid !

Sue Hepworth said...

That's great! Thanks, Coline.