Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two unconnected events

Yesterday was a day of high adrenalin, and if I hadn’t been laid low with a bug I might have exploded.

Two things happened. The first thing – which in the light of the second thing is trivial - was the arrival of the ISBN for my book. My book is now OFFICIAL. This is the number (yay!):


I never thought a string of mere digits could make me feel so excited and so happy.

The second thing was the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Oh, those poor people. It is too awful to comprehend, too awful to comment on.

I don’t have anyone in Japan, but I was hopping up and down all day with agitation. I have a family who lives on the San Andreas fault, and I deal with it by denial – a useful psychological ploy in all kinds of intractable situations. But then when that family choose to go to Hawaii for their holidays, and a tsunami is making it’s way inexorably towards the island they are staying on, a mother does tend to worry – just a smidge, you understand.

Tweets, emails and phone calls were flying about all day. Thank God for modern technology. Thank God they are safe.

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