Saturday, January 04, 2014

Paper bags and quivers

I did some more clearing out yesterday – one set of shelves in my study. I got rid of a heap of stuff, but there are some things it is hard to throw away – even when they were  not wanted in the first place because the printer made an error – such as these duff invitation cards to my last two book launches. They are smooth and shiny and mint and they have my book covers on them. Any takers? 


Then there is this camera case which was a freebie from Virgin Airways, and is stained and scruffy now – but still it’s useful – I mean, Dave said it could be a quiver for a teddy bear.


And this paper bag from the bookshop in Mendocino, where I went on my very first trip to California.

bookshop bag

And I uncovered things I’d forgotten – like this photo of me at a printing workshop in Wensleydale – get a load of that plait.

print making 

This morning I woke up from a dream in which I drove over a cattle grid and three sinister cows threw rocks at the wheels of the car, and then I drove past Bakewell Golf Course when a police chase was going on and I was shot in the neck. What do you suppose that means??

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