Monday, January 27, 2014

Standing in the gutter and looking at the stars

I like to live it up a little and yesterday’s living it up involved waking up late (8 a.m.) so I had time only to blog before I rushed out to Quaker meeting, and then after lunch I was just trying to decide between writing and playing my sax when the rain stopped and the sun came out and gave me other options.

Dave didn’t want to go for a walk. He was ensconced in what we euphemistically call his “study” (but which is really an indoor shed) and he was already getting some cold January air - the window was wide open and the heating was turned off. He was wearing an apron and a beret, and cutting a stained glass piece while listening to a recording of T S Eliot reading the Four Quartets.  He was sorted.

So I went out alone, on my bike up the Trail. The lanes were awash with rain draining off the fields, and the drains on the lane were blocked again. So on the way home I spent a glorious ten minutes unblocking the main one.You know how I love unblocking drains on the lane.

At dusk we drove up over Longstone Edge in search of starling murmurations. And we found one.


It was breathtaking. Here is a link to some murmuration photographs in the Guardian. Open the gallery. You’ll need to see them, because all I got with my little camera without a zoom was this:



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