Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I looked after my grandsons on Friday, so I decided to unearth the box of old Beanos belonging to the family member who declines to be named. When we moved here from Sheffield, we had to leave almost all our possessions in the removal firm’s warehouse for eighteen months while we found a house to buy. The family member who declines to be named refused to trust his Lego or his Beanos to anyone, so they came with us to the rented house. And he was wise. The warehouse burned down, and Dave and I lost too much to list: some of it was replaceable, but so much of it wasn’t. It was heartbreaking.
The Beanos were a huge hit (as the Lego has always been)

and at the end of the day I went upstairs to look in my jewellery box for our Dennis the Menace Fan Club badge. It wasn’t there, but I found the tags that were tied onto the cribs of my three babies in hospital.
baby labels
So not everything of sentimental value was lost in the flames.
My heart goes out to the people of Gaza.

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