Sunday, November 09, 2014

Red poppies, white poppies, and rain

We (at Bakewell Quaker Meeting) had our silent peace vigil planned for months, so we weren’t going to be put off by a tiny spot of rain.

In the event, it wasn’t a tiny spot. It poured down for the whole hour we stood there with our banner.

We remember all victims of war

- civilians and soldiers.

Let’s all say no to war.

We got very wet, despite umbrellas.

Some sensible Friends wore waterproof trousers. Some wore wellies. Some wore their navy nubuck Guat boots and got soaked to the ankles.

Some had fathers or grandfathers who had fought in a world war. Some had fathers or grandfathers who had been conscientious objectors. Some wore red poppies to remember British soldiers who died in war. Some wore white poppies, a symbol of peace, white poppies, which remember all people – of whatever country – harmed by war. Most wore both.

Some of the passing public wouldn’t look at us. But we got some smiles, some thumbs up, one friendly V sign.

And none of us got trench foot.

peace vigil 8 11 14

Some of us want to do it again.

peace poster sasha

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