Friday, July 24, 2015

These are the moments our lives are made of

The blackness has gone. Someone special came to see me yesterday afternoon, and Lux and Cece face-timed me at bedtime. Is that all it took? Who can say? Grief and its works are unknowable.

Today we are going to make jam, because the strawberries have finished and I have time to pick to the blackcurrants; Dave is making new thingamajigs to go on top of the banister newel posts (the next stage of his hall, stairs and landing beautification project); and I am writing an outline of my screenplay, ready for submission to the BBC Writers’ Room.

If it doesn’t rain, I’ll cycle when the tourists have vamoosed, and then while tea is cooking I’ll try to beat Dave at table tennis.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Lux is making her party sign.


She’ll be five next week, and her best friend Leo Kai is coming to her party.

HERE is my announcement of her birth on the blog five years ago.

These are the moments that make up our lives.

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