Friday, December 07, 2018

Cottage cheese, anyone?

I started 'dieting' in the spring, and as a result have managed to drop a size in Sainsbury's men's jeans. A style icon, that's me. I have lost enough weight for people to notice and say 'Sue, you look so slim!' I have no idea how many pounds I've lost as I don't ever weigh myself, and if the doctor insists on weighing me, I always look away. 

By 'dieting,' I mean cutting out biscuits, cakes and puddings, and having cottage cheese and tomato on Ryvita every day for every lunch I eat at home. That's it. Breakfast and tea as normal. I've had occasional lapses but managed to keep up the pattern now for 7 months. 

Now, however, the short dark days and the cold are taking their toll. And every time I sit down and look at the plate of Ryvita and cottage cheese my heart sinks and my digestive juices drain away in disgust, shrieking "No! No! Not again!" 

Yesterday I got back from a bike ride urgently inserted into the gap in the rain, and was so hungry that I rebelliously stuffed my face with beans on toast. And then, half an hour later at 2.15 (not even a mealtime) I microwaved the out-of-date Christmas pudding that has been staring me in the face every time I've opened the store cupboard door since January. It was delicious.

For tea I had fish and chips.  

Today is a new day. A friend suggested Fajitas as an alternative to Ryvita, so that's what I'm going to try. It's not that I want to lose any more weight, I just don't want to pile it on again over the winter months. What's your secret slimming tip?


Sally said...

I'm impressed by your will power Sue, 7 months is a long time! I too try to moderate my refined sugar intake, with mixed levels of success! Making a huge vat of vegetable soup is a yummy & filling lunch option. Few calories, super healthy & warming - so great in winter. Also many variations. Then less room for the naughty stuff, that's the theory anyway! Sally 🍆🥦🥕😋

Christine said...


Sue Hepworth said...

Soup is obviously the answer!

Anonymous said...

Alternate three healthy choices (Ryvita + Philly Light, boiled egg, soup) - then view occasional relapses as wholly OK.

Beans on toast followed by Christmas pudding is a totally brilliant rebellion.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, anonymous! I thought so too.