Thursday, May 30, 2019

Losing it

I'm sitting typing at the kitchen table because my desk is covered in fabric that I've been trying to shape into a collage of Calgary Bay.  

It's 10 a.m. and I'm still in my pyjamas because yesterday I got exhausted and decided that today I would take it easy.

When a new book comes out, the nervous tension drains me. It's wearing for Dave, too, but he's well used to my being peculiar and is always patient and sweet.

But none of that is what drove me to the blog today. I know that some of you are in the same age bracket as me, so I want to ask you...Can you feel your capacity for short term memory ebbing away?

My brother rang this morning, asking if we'd finished the weekend crossword. What was the solution to 2 down: Sneaky, as most female athletes are essentially? (15)

"Oh," I said breezily, "I can't remember now. I'll fish the paper out of the recycling and email you the answer."

I fetched the paper which I had tidied away yesterday, and was amazed to see we had not finished the crossword. We ALWAYS finish the crossword, and if it's too hard, we leave it out on the coffee table or the kitchen table until we have. When I tidied it away yesterday I assumed we'd completed it. I had no memory whatsoever of breaking off and our saying to each other we'd finish it later.

And here's another thing... Have you ever had a discussion with someone about something and reached a decision about a task that needed doing and then two days later when you came to do said task, you'd forgotten what was decided?

Have you ever had an engagement in your diary for three months and then when it came to the day itself, forgotten all about it?

Have you ever told the person producing your book cover how many pages are in the book and then after they'd done most of the work, realised there were 32 unnumbered pages which you hadn't counted, and this would have implications for the size of the spine.

Image result for emoji of head in hands

Yes, folks, I'm on the way out, and it ain't pretty.


Helen said...

Worry not, there's this to cling to:

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Helen.
The trouble is that some of the things I forget are not trivial details. 😟

Anonymous said...

I think the clue is in your first sentence. I don't seem to function well these days without the full compliment of a nights sleep and a nap (yes a NAP!!! horrors) mid to late afternoon so reading until 2am or being frantically busy during the day or having challenging emotional experiences all seem to affect my ability to function well as I used to. And I seem to take so long to re-charge too. I hope we can see the finished collage one day? JR (cover blown!)

Unknown said...

It’s just winter brain fog Sue, stress over the new book and a very full brain. Worry not xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you.x