Sunday, May 19, 2019

Road trip, day 10

We arrived back in Derbyshire on Friday. Karen flew back to California yesterday and I woke up today with a cold.

On that last day we drove down the M6 from Lockerbie to Tebay and headed for Wensleydale.

I took Karen to my favourite cafe - Hamiltons in Aysgarth - and then to the Edwardian Rockery Garden just along the main street.

This is the back of it, where you can sit and hear the rooks cawing and the sheep bleating and feel at ease.

We walked up the lane to where my mother planted a beech tree for my father after he died in 2002

and where the sibs and I planted an oak tree for our mother after she died in 2008.

This is the view from the lane as you walk back down to the village:

Then we drove home, which is as lovely as anywhere we'd seen. The cow parsley is high on our lane and the May blossom is out. In heaven it will always be May.


Helen said...

I do love a cow parsley lane

Sue Hepworth said...

Ours is single track, with high cow parsley on both sides. It’s fabulous.

Isaac said...

The last two pics are just stunning.

Christine said...

Glorious photos. But would we love it so much if it was always May?

Sue Hepworth said...

Perhaps not, but perhaps May could last for three months Instead of one.

Christine said...

That's a lovely idea!