Saturday, March 28, 2020

Days are where we live - dramatis personae aka people mentioned

Here are the people appearing in my latest book, which is 
now available on Amazon as an ebook > DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE.

Paperback here> DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE.

First and foremost Dave, the brains behind the ON/OFF Christmas

My 'kids'  and  daughter-in-law Jaine
left to right, Isaac, me, Jaine, the family member who declines to be named, and Zoë

Cecilia, Wendy and Lux

My siblings - Pete, Jen, (me) Kath and Jonty

My mother, Helen Willis

My father, Fred Willis

Mary and me

Karen/The Aging Hippie

Chrissie (R)  and me (L)


Liz and her favourite tree

My sax teacher, Mel

Dave and his beloved yoghurt

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Helen said...

It's lovely to put faces to the names