Saturday, February 11, 2023

Hold fast

I was going to write a funny post today but I have woken up and read the news and there is so much horror, even without the aftermath of the earthquake, that I am in no mood for humour.

Far right protesters in Liverpool have been terrorising asylum seekers in a hotel.

A Tory 'think tank' has proposed sidestepping the Human Rights Act and the Modern Slavery Act so that men, women and children who arrive in small boats seeking refuge can be stripped of their legal rights and deported. 

With the Home Secretary calling refugees an 'invasion' and the Prime Minister proclaiming that one of his top five priorities is to stop small boats, it's no wonder that hate is in the air. And when you add to it the desperate living conditions of millions of people who cannot afford to heat their houses and cannot afford three meals a day, while it seems to them that refugees are freely given both, I can understand how the violence can happen, even while I deplore it.

We need a government that looks after people and we need a more equal society.

And then there is the war.

I liked this letter in Saturday’s Guardian.

I recently heard a poem that I commend to you, and I urge you to listen to it, as I don't have permission to share it on here. The poet, Fiona Benson, reads her poem Eurofighter Typhoon on Youtube here.  

How can we heal this broken world?

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