Friday, February 13, 2015

Various choices

I could tell you about going into John Lewis for vacuum cleaner bags on Tuesday and coming out with a new coat. Or I could tell you about a new poem I discovered via that amazing blog – Lifesaving Poems.

I wanted to post the poem  - Mandy Coe’s “Let’s Celebrate” - on here, and I emailed the poet to ask for permission, but I haven’t heard back yet. But I am sure Anthony Wilson, who writes the above blog will have her permission, so I’m going to direct you there. Follow this link and scroll past his commentary to the bottom of the page. I think it’s worth the trouble. If that one does nothing for you, try this one. (Again, scroll past the commentary to find the poem.)

I’m sorry today’s post is rather once-removed, but that is where my head is right now: once-removed.  In all my waking moments when I am not actually doing something, I am working my way through the poems listed on Anthony Wilson’s Blog. It seems like an appropriate response in the face of death.

Also, today there is a choice of photo. You can either take this one…

feb08 033

or this one...

feb07 030

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